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3 Zone Sauna Blanket - Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Slimming Sauna Blanket - Weight Lose Blanket - Home Detox Spa

3 Zone Sauna Blanket - Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Slimming Sauna Blanket - Weight Lose Blanket - Home Detox Spa

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3 Zone Sauna Blanket - Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Slimming Sauna Blanket - Weight Lose Blanket - Home Detox Spa

This item ships within 48 hours and arrives in 3 to 7 business days. 

"Super effective! After my first try at using it, I really feel that my muscle are more relaxed. I highly recommend this BodyShaper - 3 Zones Far Infrared Sauna Blanket!  Perfect for those girls who want to get slim & burn calories."
" ~Joan Foster, Honolulu,HI~~

The heating element is separate for each of the three-zones. (Upper body, lower body, and waist) This product makes it possible to focus your temperature and therefor weight loss based on Zone.

Close range FIR with temperature control over the whole body, ideal and effective modern hi-tech system generally used in beauty salons, weight loss centers, and is now being brought to you in the comfort of your own home.

In todays fast pace society, people live in an environment filled with long work hours, fast speed, and constant psychological pressure all these factors lead to tight muscles, tension headaches and general health decline. We developed this FIR home sauna blanket give you the control to melt away tension, release stress and encourage weight loss. It combines wholistic health care and body slimming without any negative effects on the body making it the is the ideal Hi-Tech health care equipment for the whole family.

The sauna blanket uses intelligent control technology to maintain an even distribution of heat throughout the blanket and to warm the blanket from cold in a very short time. The sauna blanket has been carefully designed and manufactured to be completely safe for domestic use.

"I'm very happy with the 3 Zone Sauna Blanket. Good delivery speed, and not too hard to set up. 100% I'd recommend. Thank you very much for my modern ideas!"
" ~Grace Anne Meyer, Tallahassee, FL~

This Sauna Blanket has Wonderful Benefits

Detoxifies and Burns Fat

  • Quickens lipolysis. Remove unwanted fats in your Tummy, waist, hip, and four limbs
  • Extracts waste from the body such as heavy metals, poisons, etc.; activates hormones
  • Speeds up metabolism and enhances absorption of nutrients.
  • Acts as physical therapy for myalgia & neurosis. Balances the autonomic nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid, and the liver.
  • Improves the immune system and prevents the growth of cancer cells.
  • Diminishes inflammation.
  • Speeds up metabolism so that improves the functioning of organs, such as the liver, intestine, and stomach.
  • Eliminate intense and pressure of life and promote working efficiency.
  • Recuperates insufficiency physiological exercise promotes sleep and sleepiness.

✓ Safety Outside is top grade PU material, inside are waterproof PVC.
✓ Safety Waterproof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping positions.
✓ Safety The Heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends.
Keep beauty- Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, strength muscle nutrient, it also active cell and eliminate heavy ions and toxin
✓ Weight loss- accelerate metabolism, so as to make the cell of fat break down quickly.
✓ Body shaping- It can let the skin absorb the nutrient and inside the skin. Make the smooth and beautiful.
✓ Keep health- Improve Insomnia, constipation, endocrine dyscrasia, and arthritis. I prove human immunity.
✓ 3- Channel precise temperature control Enable you to control and adjust the temperature and working time for 3 different parts of your body.
✓ Made of a high-efficiency heating element.

Voltage: 110V
Power: 600W
Time Settings: 0-60 min
Temperature Range: 25-80℃ (adjustable)
3 Heating zone for different heat settings.
Product size: 180x190cm
Carton Size: 63*33*29cm
Net Weight: 6.9KG/15.2lbs

1 × Far-infrared Personal Sauna Blanket
1 × Digital 3 heating zone controller with timer
1 × Power line
1× User manual


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