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BodyShaper - 3 Zones Far Infrared Sauna Blanket - Slimming Tourmaline Jade Stones - Home Detox Spa

BodyShaper - 3 Zones Far Infrared Sauna Blanket - Slimming Tourmaline Jade Stones - Home Detox Spa

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BodyShaper - 3 Zones Far Infrared Sauna Blanket - Slimming Tourmaline Jade Stones - Home Detox Spa

This item ships within 48 hours and arrives in 3 to 7 business days. 

"Super effective! After my first try at using it, I really feel that my muscle are more relaxed. I highly recommend this BodyShaper - 3 Zones Far Infrared Sauna Blanket!  Perfect for those girls who want to get slim & burn calories."
" ~Joan Foster, Tallahassee, FL~

The infrared sauna blanket uses far infrared ray technology to provide a deep, penetrating heat that warms the body inside out, resulting in a profoundly cleansing sweat. The blanket delivers soothing and effective infrared rays to the body to help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits which include: Weight loss, detoxification, cellulite reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, intense relaxation, and much more. It's a safe, effective, and easy way to shed pounds and beautify the skin.

The second main principle is a negative ion. Energy stones like jade stones, tourmaline stone germanium stones, and Bian stones release far infrared ray, and at the same time release negative ion, which encourages cell metabolism, boost the immune system and stimulate blood circulation. What is more, negative ion cloth inside the blanket can release many negative ions, which is helpful to human health.

What is a jade stone?

A piece of Jade contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements helpful to the human body, such as Selenium, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt Manganese, and so on. The starting wave emitted by the cells of the human body. The cells of the human body are resonated with the wave movement emitted by the jade. Therefore these cells of the human body obtain vigor. Blood circulation is promoted. The metabolism is strengthened. And Jade is known as a natural transmitter of far infrared rays in the same wavelength as the human body. And it is known to produce negative ions which encourage cell metabolism. The health benefits of tourmaline and germanium stone

✓ 6 PCS Overheating protection unit inside to keep blanket safety
✓ Double-sided SMD PCB board
✓ Three zones of Infrared Heating Therapy. The three independent heating zones can be selected
✓ Negative ion released by energy stone and negative ion cloth
✓ Velcro design and Big size suitable for the overweight. (180* 180cm)

"If you are looking for an effective slimming product, this one is the right item for you! Perfect for burning calories and also work as detox therapy, anti-aging beauty machine. It is a total package!!! Giving you a BIG 5 STARS!!!"
" ~Cherie Clarkson, St. Paul,MN~

✓ Weight loss and increased metabolism
✓ Improve the appearance of Cellulite
✓ Stress and fatigue reduction
✓ Improve skin
✓ Muscle pain relief
✓ Cardiovascular conditioning without joint stress
✓ Lowering elevated blood pressure
✓ The overall sense of well-being
✓ Immune system boost
✓ Ease joint pain and stiffness
✓ Boosts immune system
✓ Detoxification

Item name: Infrared sauna blanket
Heating zones: 3 zones (individually adjustable)
Power: 600W
Voltage: 100-240V/ 50, 60Hz
Time setting: 5- 60 minutes
Temp setting: 25-80 celsius degree
Blanket size: 180*1 80cm
Heating element: carbon fiber heating wire

* 1 x Far-infrared Personal Sauna Blanket
1 x Digital 3 heating zone controller with timer
1 x Power line
1 x User manual


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