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Tankless Under Sink Water Filtration System – High Flow, Reverse Osmosis, Lead-Free Stainless Steel

Tankless Under Sink Water Filtration System – High Flow, Reverse Osmosis, Lead-Free Stainless Steel

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Tankless Water Filtration System

Using a water filtration system at home helps in filtering out unwanted pollutants from the water than can harm one's health, especially those particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It removes any sediment, bacteria, and excess chlorine taste in the water.

If the water supply in your area is unsanitary or your drinking water tastes different, try this tankless water filtration system. And yes, you read it right! The entire system is tankless; thus, it will not take up too much space in your house. Its simple design and mechanism also makes it rise above the other filtration systems you can find. Hurry, add this to your cart now!


Perks of Having a Tankless Water Filtration System

The Tankless Water Filtration System can carry up to 400 gallons of water. It has four stages of filtration, making sure that you get the clean water you need. And its filter is very much easy to change!

Here are the quick, easy steps on how you can change the filter:

  1. Remove the lid.
  2. Switch left.
  3. Pull the used filter out.
  4. Replace with the new filter.
  5. Return the lid.

The upgraded lead-free stainless steel faucet also ensures high flow of water – with at least 9 times faster than regular faucets. And within 10 seconds, your 200ml glass is already filled with water!

The tankless system also has its own benefits: it will not cause another problem for pollution, it has a compact, sleek design that won't take up much of your kitchen's space, and it has a smart faucet that detects whether the filter needs replacement!

Additionally, it can filter out 99.99% of bacteria in the water through its four stage filtration system.


Product Specifications

Lead Removal: YES
Chlorine Removal : YES
Reduce Chloramine: YES
Removes dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants: YES
Flow Rate: 1.3L/min
Drain Ratio (pure water: waste water): 1.5:1
pH Balance: NO
Water Tank: NO
Inlet Pressure: 15~60PSI
Feedwater Temperature: 5-38 °C
Rated Voltage and Power: 110 V, 65 W
Pallet Dimension: 43.3 inch X 43.3 inch X 74.8 inch
Weight: 11 kg



What's Inside the Package?

  • 1X System Housing
  • 1X PPC Filter
  • 1X RO Membrane Filter
  • 1X Smart Faucet and Accessories
  • 1X 1/4 inch Drain Saddle
  • 1X 3/8-1/2 inch Feed Water Adaptor
  • 2 meters 3/8 inch PE Tubing
  • 4 meters 1/4 inch PE Tubing
  • 1X Power Adaptor
  • 1X Quick-connect Fittings
  • O-ring
  • Blue Lock Clips
  • 1X Teflon Tape
  • 1X Plug Remover
  • 1X 3/8 inch Claw
  • 1X 1/4 inch Claw


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